The success of Personnel Evaluation, Inc. is rooted in the interviewing skills of our staff, our flexibility to tailor services to the needs of individual clients, and the depth of our resources.

Personnel Evaluation, Inc. is a Wisconsin based firm that has been providing organizations with quality services to help solve personnel related problems since 1970. We specialize in:

  • Polygraph Examinations & Behavioral Analysis Interviewing.
  • Screening, testing and evaluation of employment applicants.
  • Confidential Investigations, including Internal Loss and Workman’s Compensation Fraud.
  • Promotional, management, periodic and exit interviews.
  • Education through seminars and training of management and employees.
  • Monitoring of clients’ staff through Honesty-At-Work Hotline Program & Secret Shopping Program.

Personnel Evaluation, Inc. employs a staff of highly skilled and educated interviewers who are trained specifically in the evaluation of personnel and management problems.

Personnel Evaluation, Inc. has obtained tens of thousands of statements and admissions in regard to company theft, forms of harassment, security infractions and violations of employment policy.

Personnel Evaluation, Inc. has assisted corporations in the recruitment of individual personnel and has also staffed complete organizations with up to 500 employees.

Personnel Evaluation, Inc. continually monitors the validation of screening instruments to ensure its accordance with current legislation, ADA and EEOC.