PEI offers businesses the Honesty At Work Hotline, which has been used effectively by our clients to uncover a number of significant problems. It’s a whistleblower hotline for SOX, Fraud, Ethics, HR policies, etc.

What is the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act?

SOX is a federal law that requires public companies to provide an anonymous means for reporting questionable accounting and auditing practices. Some provisions of the act also apply to privately held companies. SOX ties in with OSHA’s Whistleblower Protection Program, protecting employees from retaliation for reporting violations of various workplace safety and health, airline, commercial motor carrier, consumer product, environmental, financial reform, food safety, health insurance reform, motor vehicle safety, nuclear, pipeline, public transportation agency, railroad, maritime, securities, and tax laws and for engaging in other related protected activities.

Anonymous reporting for a company may fall into one of the following categories:

  • SOX – accounting & auditing practices
  • HR – harassment, favoritism, racism, time card falsification, assault, etc.
  • Ethics & Fraud – any other type of report that doesn’t fall within the above two categories: theft of money & merchandise, drug usage or sale of illegal drugs, damage to property, intentional dissemination of false information, untrue product claims, etc.

Why Not Use An In-house Solution?

  • Callers may not view in-house telephone lines as truly confidential or anonymous
  • Voices and writing style can be recognized by coworkers
  • Caller ID can compromise an informer’s anonymity
  • Email and other Internet solutions assume all employees have equal access to the Internet and email is highly traceable

The Honesty At Work Hotline program can pay for itself many times over. One Hotline call could save your company tens of thousands of dollars. Solve personnel problems before they turn into costly EEOC & ADA suits, sexual harassment and OSHA complaints with the information you receive from Hotline callers. Good workers are valuable… show them you care by providing options for reporting issues.

To find out more, please call PEI at (414) 256-3600, toll-free at (888) 734-2727 or select the link below:

Honesty At Work Hotline Flyer

Click below to view samples:

Honesty Hotline Call Log – Sample 1
Honesty Hotline Call Log – Sample 2
Honesty Hotline Call Log – Sample 3
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