Getting ready to expand your business?
Building a new store?

Opening a new location can be a very exciting, yet stressful time. One way to help reduce the stress is to outsource the hiring function. That’s where PEI comes in!

Personnel Evaluation, Inc. can help you conduct a “mass hire”. From administrative staff, highly trained professional interviewers, ergonomics test administrators and on-site drug screening, PEI can effectively accommodate hundreds of applicants each day, giving individualized attention to each one. Our interviewers use the most effective, legal interviewing techniques.

We have conducted “mass hires” for new store and warehouse openings for over 15 years. Our hiring experts will coordinate with your staff to provide as much help as you need. We have interviewed as many as 300 applicants in a single day, from baggers to order selectors to upper level management.

PEI has staffed complete organizations with up to 500+ employees.

Areas of expertise:

  • Radio and Newspaper Advertisement Development
  • Coordination of Site Location
  • Written Testing
  • One-on-one Interviewing
  • Drug Screening Collection
  • Ergonomics Evaluations
  • Criminal Records Checking
  • Reference Checking

How effective are we?

The following is a sampling of information obtained during a security interview validation study:

  • 39% of the applicants were identified significantly falsifying their employment history.
  • 33% admitted theft of product or money from jobs (or stores) in the last 3 years.
  • 25.4% were actually caught lying during the interview.
  • 19% admitted knowledge of significant theft at a job that they did not report.
  • 17% admitted significant undetected criminal activity.
  • 15% admitted illegal drug usage within the last 6 months.

For More Information Call:
Chris Wicklund at (888) 734-3988
or Jed Voller at (888) 734-2727

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