The Achiever series of assessments are ideal for a wide variety of supervisory/management, sales and executive management positions. They include both cognitive and personality (i.e., Behavioral) sections to fully assess the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses coming into the job, as well as a followup section for use as an organizational development tool. They can be scored based on norms specific to your organization’s job description or scored against a national database of high performers. These profiles provide comprehensive insight on an applicant, allowing you to hire the best possible candidate for your needs and avoiding expensive hiring mistakes.

Assessment Information – Management

  • Achiever – Perfect for entry level supervisory, promotional testing, key support positions and management level hires
  • Sales Achiever – Suitable for both inside sales and field sales in any industry
  • Executive Achiever – Ideal for top management, executive level positions, C-suite and command staff hires