For decades, law enforcement agencies have utilized the polygraph as a powerful investigative tool. Put that same benefit to work for your candidate screening process!

Polygraph examinations can be the most reliable, cost effective means of screening for your department. We tailor our polygraph services to your department’s needs and integrate it seamlessly into your current background procedure. Our staff examiners have over 20 years experience conducting polygraph examinations for law enforcement agencies and we have assisted departments of all sizes implement effective screening programs.

A review of twenty recent pre-employment polygraphs PEI conducted for various Wisconsin law enforcement agencies revealed some startling facts:

  • 30% admitted additional involvement in employee theft.
  • 35% of the officer candidates admitted additional drug use (more times and/or more recent use) than they had previously disclosed in their background interview.
  • 80% of the applicants made substantive admissions during the polygraph examination in one or more of the following areas: Illegal drug use/sale, theft, serious undetected criminal activity and material falsification/omissions on their employment applications beyond what they had disclosed during the background.
  • Two candidates admitted stealing money from their current or most recent employer of several hundred dollars each.
  • One candidate admitted fraudulent returns involving merchandise valued over $500.
  • Still another admitted furnishing alcohol to minors within two weeks of receiving his conditional offer!

Investigative Testing/Private Polygraphs
Our polygraph examiners are some of the most experienced in the profession. We can assist your department with criminal issue testing for homicide, sexual assault, theft or any other type of investigatory testing you need.

We offer private polygraphs for individuals who need confidential assistance on a specific issue.

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