Law Enforcement Screening

Personnel Evaluation offers a variety of proven, effective, and budget-friendly screening tools to protect the integrity of your department. Our expert staff can assist you in many different ways – from the initial job posting right through the Post Offer and every step along the way. Let PEI help alleviate your department’s budgetary and staffing challenges.

Personnel Evaluation Profile (PEP)

Currently used by over 600 law enforcement agencies across the United States, the Personnel Evaluation Profile (PEP) is one of the most effective, cost-efficient screening tools available. The PEP is a sophisticated, in-depth written survey designed to provide valuable insight into your candidate’s background, attitudes and beliefs concerning key areas such as: honesty, reporting dishonesty, customer service, socialization, drugs, employment background, work ethic, absenteeism and tardiness. The results can be used to enhance both the candidate’s interview as well as the effectiveness of the background investigation.  It will help save your staff a lot of time, while identifying high-risk applicants earlier in the hiring process.  The PEP can be taken via the internet or in paper/pencil format.  Results are emailed back to you immediately.
Law Enforcement PEP Flyer
Police Department Study

Applicant Tracking System
PEI has developed a web-based application that can be customized for your agency. This system allows you to collect online applications, utilize integrated screening methodology and manage your applicant base from start to finish.

Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)
With over 30 years of working with background investigators, PEI has developed a web-based Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ). This system can integrate with PEI’s customizable Applicant Tracking System or be used as a stand-alone module. It’s extremely affordable for small to medium-sized agencies looking to save time and money in the hiring process while improving the overall quality of it’s employees.

PEI’s PHQ encourages truthfulness, has an interactive format that changes upon applicant responses and prompts follow-up questions. The report provides background investigators with a detailed summary of concern areas so that nothing is missed. It also footnotes any changes the applicant makes while completing the PHQ. The dashboard helps organize and automate the background process. You can see exactly where each applicant is in the process – what your backgrounder has completed and what still needs to be done. The Event Scheduler in the dashboard allows you to easily schedule and manage various applicant events such as a written test, physical agility test or panel interviews. The consistency report allows you to compare PHQ background information to the PEP results.

Training Seminars
We specialize in pre-employment screening seminars. These classes incorporate numerous areas such as Background Investigations, Interview/Interrogation, Customer Service and Hiring Legalities, to name a few. Ask us how your department can sponsor a training seminar!

Our staff of specialized examiners have conducted thousands of polygraph examinations, including both Specific Issues (criminal cases) and Pre-employment testing. We will conduct the examinations keeping your agency fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

Promotional Assessments
PEI offers written assessments that provide an objective, comprehensive evaluation of your personnel. From first-line to command-level positions, we can provide you with the information you need to make a fair and accurate choice when facing these difficult staffing decisions. These assessments include both cognitive ability and personality structures.
Law Enforcement Achiever Sample
Executive Achiever Sample